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Bitbns wallet money of 500 rupees not credited

Bitbns wallet money of 500 rupees not credited.I have transfer money in bitbns a/c

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same problem I facing

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Yes pankhaj what is your bank a/c
500 credited but 200 is not credit which was sended in yes bank befor send 500 but 500 credited and 200 did not credited.which was sended by kotak bank.
Claim now because new system is started see in image and bank a/c also changed

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but when I see that time he gived yes bank I'll sended there 200rs. It's not my mistake so refund my money or credit in my wallat
i also 500 deposit in my wallet bt it not show in to BitBNS wallet.... what can i do......???? plzzzzzz reply...??

i also added 500 Rp money to the account given by bitbns but till now i have not received 

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Even my 500rs not added in the account

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what shall we do 

i have also deposit 500 rs. yesterday but till now money did not credited to my wallet i have mailed many times ,created ticket ,claim inr put transaction number . but there is no solution till now .worst user support

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I got solution enter transaction reference no click send otp then in ur email otp will come not in mobile insert email otp money will be added

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Bit bns Money of Wallet 500 rs are Not credited??
add money
500 inr not add in my bitbns account
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