Users can simply claim the block height of their missing transaction to get it credited without contacting the Bitbns support team.

Steps to claim block height:

  1. Go to the wallet page of your account
  2. Find your token from the deposits transaction history section
  3. Check your transaction hash from the respective block explorer. For example; is for ERC20 tokens and is for BEP20 tokens > Copy block height/number
  4. Once you've copied block height, come back to Bitbns website/app & claim your block height from the "missing a deposit?" button in the crypto wallet section. The missing deposit will get credited automatically within the next 15-20 minutes


- To fix BEP20 (BSC) chain deposit, use coin = SAFEMOON while claiming block deposit

- To fix MATIC20 (Polygon) chain deposit, use coin = USDC while claiming block deposit

If your issue is still not resolved after troubleshooting then please raise a new ticket from the support section of Bitbns. We will ensure to check and resolve it at the earliest.