• Have a new phone or a secondary device? (Using your backup code/ Recovery key)
    • First, Install the Google Authenticator and then use your backup code/ recovery key to restore your account access. Recover account using backup code.

  • Don’t have a backup code/ recovery key? (Disable 2FA)
    • Please raise a ticket with the following documents: (Click Here to Raise Ticket)

      1) A clear selfie holding your Aadhaar card/PAN card/passport/driving license (whichever was used to do KYC) the document should be clearly visible in the selfie

      2) A selfie holding a paper with a message written “Bitbns disable 2fa” along with the date you are raising a ticket.

      3) Please attach a Selfie video to confirm your identity. The format can be in mp4, mp4v, mov and hvec.

      *Make Sure to Blink your eye at least 5 times during the video.
      *Please keep PAN Card in your hand while recording the Video.

      4) While Recording you have to say

      I <name>, recording this video on <today's date> for 2fa re-set of my account on Bitbns Crypto Currency Exchange. My Registered Email-id is <your email id>. I am fully responsible and the sole owner of all the trades, deposits, and withdrawals on this Account.

      The 2FA disable request will be processed within 3-4 working days.

Note:- Video is mandatory, without Video Bitbns team is not going to Disable/Re-Set your 2fa.