• Have a new phone or a secondary device? (Using your backup code/ Recovery key)
    • First, Install the Google Authenticator and then use your backup code/ recovery key to restore your account access. Recover account using backup code.

  • Don’t have a backup code/ recovery key? (Disable 2FA)
    • Please raise a ticket with the following documents: (Click Here to Raise Ticket)

      1) A clear selfie holding your Aadhaar card/PAN card/passport/driving license (whichever was used to do KYC) the document should be clearly visible in the selfie

      2) A selfie holding a paper with a message written “Bitbns disable 2fa” along with the date you are raising a ticket.

      3) Please attach a Selfie video to confirm your identity. The format can be in mp4, mp4v, mov and hvec.

      *Make Sure to Blink your eye at least 5 times during the video.
      *Please keep PAN Card in your hand while recording the Video.

      4) While Recording you have to say

      I <name>, recording this video on <today's date> for 2fa re-set of my account on Bitbns Crypto Currency Exchange. My Registered Email-id is <your email id>. I am fully responsible and the sole owner of all the trades, deposits, and withdrawals on this Account.

      The 2FA disable request will be processed within 3-4 working days.

Note: If the video file is more than 20MB. Please upload it on Google Drive and send us the link and remember to allow it for all so that we don't have to ask for permission. (You can change it later once Disabled)

Video is mandatory, without Video Bitbns team is not going to Disable/Re-Set your 2fa.