Hello Emiratis, 

We know you all have been waiting for this moment for so long; so have we. Today, our efforts have come to fruition as we officially announce the commencement of trading on Bitbns in UAE. 

Trading is now LIVE! You can start placing orders.

At present, UAE residents will be able to use only the USDT P2P method for depositing and withdrawing FIAT currency i.e AED. In the near future, we will be introducing new ways to transact on Bitbns.

Signup Process

Signing up at Bitbns takes less than a minute. Just fill in the required details and start trading right away. Click here to signup.

KYC norms

Please note that only the KYC-verified users are allowed to withdraw AED from their Bitbns wallet. However, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading, and both cryptocurrency and FIAT deposits are possible without KYC verification.

What changes for UAE-based traders


Everything from ease of trading to way of trading changes for UAE folks with Bitbns available on their desktops and mobile phones. More than just allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies, we ensure you are doing it the right way. We achieve this goal by bringing you advanced trading tools & features that help you make informed decisions and navigate through ups and downs of the volatile cryptocurrency market with much ease. Here’s a quick glance of what we are talking about:

Bracket Order

Using a bracket order, you enter and exit the market precisely when you want. We highly recommend using a bracket order if your strategy is to trade with the least risk.

Margin Trading

Margin Trading brings you the power to trade with more funds than you have. Almost 3 times more. 

Stop-limit Order

If you think monitoring the market consistently is a necessity, try stop-limit orders. Stop-limit orders ensure you don’t lose more than you can afford to. 

Margin Lending

Think you are a HODLER? Don’t let your crypto funds just sit there. Earn interest by lending your cryptocurrency funds with margin lending. 

Limit Order

Limit orders help you set the maximum price at which you want to buy a digital currency or the minimum price at which you want to sell. Simple, isn’t it?

Price Alerts

If you fall under the 'active trader’ category, price alerts are for you. Set a price alert and we will remind you when the market hits the mark.


You will find only the best cryptocurrencies listed on Bitbns because we closely assess each and every cryptocurrency that we list, on various parameters. At present, you can start trading from among the 70+ cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. Rest assured, you get to trade just the quality assets on Bitbns. Top 11 of the top 

Global Standards

Bitbns enjoys high liquidity at all times, which is why our prices are always synced up with the global prices. Tech-wise, we are always exploring new ways to beat our own benchmarks. Recently, we entered into an agreement with OKEx - one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges - for Strategic Partnership, under which we will be assisting each other to grow our reach and strengthen the exchange technically.