Due to a new feature added for better, safer, and seamless withdrawal, the linked bank accounts have been de-linked.

Steps to verify bank account for withdrawal:

1. Read all instructions.
2. Please don't verify using UPI or UPI-based bank transfers.
3. Please don't use apps like Gpay, Paytm, PhonePe for doing IMPS.
3. Please IMPS deposit from your bank account directly.
4. After you make the IMPS/Deposit. You have to claim the deposit by entering your reference ID. once done your Bank account will get verified.
5. You will be able to withdraw INR only to your verified bank account.

6. Name on your bank account should match the name on your bitbns KYC details (PAN card name). Otherwise, the amount will not get credited and bank verification will fail.


• Don't use banks such as Paytm payment bank or such digital banks to do IMPS as they do bank transfers from the UPI section.

• Equitas bank doesn't show your name after the transfer it shows Equitas as user's name during IMPS so avoid using it.

• Don't use Phonepe, Gpay, Bhim, or any such Upi app to do bank verification.

• Use your native banking app for one-time verification

For example:

If you're having an account in the Bank of Baroda then use BOB mconnect app and the same thing for other apps.