There can be a few reasons due to which you can not be able to Withdraw Crypto and Most Common error.

1) You have not given Location Permission to the App or Browser Website.

Just Simply give Location permission to the app and then reopen your app 2-3times and then try to withdraw your Crypto. Same with PC Browser. 

How to give Location Permisson. Click Here

If you are still not able to withdraw you can Contact Support

2) Recently Enable 2fa or Changed Password.

When you change your Google Auth 2fa or Password or any other changes like email and phone no. changes you cannot withdraw your fund for 24hrs. We request you to wait till 24hrs from the time mentioned things have been changed.

3) Unusual activity

Sometimes system finds unusual activity in your account due to which System Flagg your account and which give withdrawal error. What you have too do is simply Contact Support Our agent checks the issue and suggestion the solution accordingly.