Dear Users,

We have recently released a new feature on Bitbns to ensure better security of your account. You will be required to give location permissions on your device (app permissions or browser permissions) in order to keep your funds more secure.

At the time of crypto withdrawal, the app or website will ask for location permission automatically if you have not given permission already. Please allow the application or website to access the location to have smooth crypto withdrawal. Refer screenshots below

In case the location permission is denied you can still manually give the permission. Follow the steps below.

Enabling location permission is a very simple procedure. Follow these steps to enable location permissions on your respective device such as desktop/mobile web browser and application.

  • Steps for desktop web browser:

  1. Open

  2. Click on ? button in the search bar.

  3. Allow location permissions.


  • Steps to enable location on mobile web browser:

  1. Click on drop-down menu button from top right corner

  2. Click on site settings

  3. Enable location


  • Steps to enable location for mobile app:

  1. Go to mobile settings

  2. Click on apps section

  3. Find Bitbns

  4. Click on permissions and then allow permissions while using app

After enabling location successfully, You will be able to withdraw funds hassle-free. This will also keep your Bitbns account safe from any kind of unauthorized access.

Onwards and Upwards,

Team Bitbns