Greetings Users


We are moving to a newer infrastructure for our blockchain wallets


When we started out we had not envisioned the rapid progress that has happened across multiple blockchains over time. We have been working tirelessly on upgrading our systems over the last few months and we would be rolling these upgrades over the next few days. We are also working towards adding insurance for our users on the platform and we would be working in conjunction with a few partners for the same. This is to ensure we are able to seamlessly serve the rapid growth of the number of tokens deposit and withdrawn from our platform with enterprise-grade security. 


So in order for this process to take place, we would have to make changes to wallet addresses for some of the blockchains on the platform. We are mentioning the list of when which tokens deposit withdrawal would be enabled below: 


We expect the coin nodes to be up in this order. It is also notified to check new deposit address for all coins once their nodes are up. Any deposits made to the older addresses won’t be recovered. So check in your UI the address before depositing 



• Ethereum and ERC20 tokens: Feb 7th, 10 PM IST 

• BSC and BEP 20 tokens: Feb 7th, 10 PM IST

• Polygon and polygon chain withdrawals: Feb 7th, 10 PM IST

This would cover 90% of the tokens on the platform

In all these cases the deposits would resume first at 10 pm and once the network deposits are tested and risk mitigation tests withdrawals would resume the next day  before 10 pm. It would start showing up to a few users from next day morning and as multiple rounds of testing are complete by 10 pm it would be opened up for everyone 

• Solana: 8th Feb, 10 PM IST   

• Bitcoin: 9th Feb, 10 PM IST

• XRP XLM: 10th Feb, 10 PM IST

• Neo and NEP5: 11th Feb, 10 PM IST

• Tron: 11th Feb, 10 PM IST

• DGB BEP2: 14th Feb, 10 PM IST

• For all other coins not mentioned above: 15th Feb, 10 PM IST


Status update would be added in node status to track progress. Bitbns supports the maximum number of tokens for crypto deposit and withdraw across all Indian exchanges. This is around 5-6 times higher than any other Indian exchange. This makes it a very extensive exercise. 

This is a downtime which we are apologetic about and we are keeping systems in place to ensure this does not repeat and we can keep turnaround to a few hours.


It is hereby notified to all users to check their new addresses before depositing any tokens. 



Bitbns Support