We launched FIP (Fixed Income Plans) in May 2020 and we have truly been overwhelmed by the response it received. Each Bitcoin and USDT FIP so far allocated & closed faster than the last one. Many altcoin FIPs also ran out of stock in a flash. In many cases, it’s been a matter of seconds. To say the least, we are quite excited adding additional value to that.

Our FIPs have proved to be a game changer for passive HODLers allowing them to earn interest on their crypto. Till date over 2 million USD worth of FIPs have been subscribed to in just 2 months.

We now want to go bigger and turn this million into a billion users subscribed to FIPs. Therefore, we are embedding FIPs with BNS staking criteria to let BNS hodlers (users who possess BNS tokens) take home even more interest.

Here’s how it works:

- You stake a certain amount of BNS and earn additional interest on your FIPs

You would be able to earn 19% interest on USDT by staking your BNS. If you do not have BNS, you have another FIP giving you around 12% interest. Both FIPs have 50K USD allocation. Similarly, fetch 12.5% interest on BTC by staking your BNS. If you do not have BNS, there’s another FIP churning out 7.5% interest. Both FIPs have 4 BTC allocation.

For now check USDT BNS FIP Annual 1 https://bitbns.com/trade/#/fip/96
and USDT Regular FIP Annual 4 https://bitbns.com/trade/#/fip/97

The BNS FIP has higher interest of 19% and stakes your bns to achieve that.
For the Regular FIP the interest is around 12%.

Going forward from tomorrow you would be able to differentiate using the bns logo on FIPs. The ones that have the bns logo are FIPs that have additional discount with bns

Ques: What does staking your BNS mean?
Ans: You are essentially allocating a certain amount of your BNS token to be eligible to invest in FIPs.

Ques: Which BNS can be used for staking?
Ans: Unlocked and utility tokens can be used.

Ques: What if I do not have BNS tokens?
You can buy BNS from the trading page: https://bitbns.com/trade/#/bns. Alternatively non-BNS based FIPs are also available for investment, albeit with a lower interest.

The first FIP goes live at 12 noon on 3rd August at this address: https://bitbns.com/trade/#/fip/

The next would be the much awaited BNS FIP. You would be able to earn interest on your locked BNS and unlocked BNS. This goes live on 4th August 12 pm and you can find it in the upcoming section from Monday 3rd August 2020, 8 pm.

This marks a major utility that adds accruing value to BNS as we scale FIPs.

BNS has a positive start with the trading and is trading at a > 5x multiple of Pre Sale Phase 1 price and higher than all other Pre Sale and IEO prices.

This marks the DAY 2 of #100Days100Annoucements

We have been tirelessly working on infrastructure upgrades and have been shipping stuff even on weekends. :-) Let your friends know about FIPs. Let’s make this big.

Onwards and upwards

Team Bitbns