Greetings Users,

KMD Node has been fixed now.

For most of the users, pending KMD deposits must have been credited automatically.

If your KMD deposit has not been credited yet, please follow below mentioned steps to get it credited to your Bitbns KMD wallet : (Note : The values in below example are for illustrative purpose only. Please follow the steps with your own transaction hash and block height values)

1) Locate your KMD hash on block explorer from here

2) Click on Block Hash Link

3) Copy 'Block Height Number' (For eg : Here block number is 1972662

(Note : The Block Height must be copied in numbers only without any “#” or spaces)

4) Go to your Bitbns Wallet section, and click on “here” as shown in screenshot below

5) Paste Block Height Number copied in step 3 in the text box and press "Check Now"

6) That's it. KMD deposit will now be credited within 2-3 minutes.

If the KMD deposit is still not credited after following above steps or you're still facing some kind of trouble, please raise a ticket here:

We will be happy to help.