Hey there,

We know you are always waiting for our unique trading contests and new features. So here we are, back with another contest, and this time we present you the Grand Crypto Contest.

Deposit USDT via P2P and win up to 1000 USDT. Contest starts from 15 October, 22:00 IST to 22 October, 22:00 IST.

How It Works:

Reward Unlocking Mechanism: 

During the contest period, for every 100 USDT deposited via P2P mechanism on Bitbns, 0.5 USDT would be unlocked and added to the reward bucket, until the bucket reaches 1000 USDT.

How much can you win?

Your Reward = (Your USDT Deposited / Total USDT Deposited) * Unlocked USDT

Example: Let’s say you deposited 100 USDT via P2P during the contest and the total P2P deposit volume during the contest is 200,000 USDT. The total amount of USDT unlocked in the reward bucket would be 1000 USDT. Then your reward would be: 

(100/200,000) * 1000 = 0.05 USDT

The total volume to be traded in P2P transactions in order to unlock the reward of 1000 USDT would be 200,000 USDT.

Rules & Regulations

  • USDT deposits only via P2P Transactions (INR/AED/THB) would be considered. 

  • Deposits to Bitbns wallet from some other wallet would not be counted. 

  • Any unfair practice(s) would lead to disqualification.

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