Hey traders,

We are finally there in your country. And honestly, it makes us nostalgic because it reminds us of the time when we officially launched Bitbns in India in December 2017. What a special moment it was for us and the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. Back then, we did a Bitcoin (BTC) Flash sale for the people to share our delight, and we were the first entity in the world to do a BTC flash sale. 

Now that you are a part of Bitbns family, we want to share that very same delightful feeling with you.

We are doing a Bitcoin (BTC) flash sale in your country (UAE and Thailand only) on 25th September 20 and 26th September 2019 respectively , where you have a chance to double (2X) your BTC investment. Delightful, isn’t it? All you have to do is buy BTC on Flash Sale Day and you will get twice the BTC you purchase, in your Bitbns wallet.

Here are a few details regarding the flash sale:

Coin on sale: Bitcoin (BTC) 

Flash Sale starts: 11:30 am ICT, 25th September 2019 for Thailand users, 11:30 am GST, 26th September 2019 for UAE users.

Important Notes:

  1. BTC investments only upto 15 USDT will be doubled to 30 USDT. Any BTC purchase more than 15 USDT would still give you BTC worth 15 USDT more. For example - BTC purchased with 14 USDT would give you BTC worth 28 USDT, BTC purchased with 15 USDT would give you BTC worth 30 USDT, and BTC purchased with 16 USDT would give you BTC worth 31 USDT i.e (15 USDT x 2) + (1 USDT) = 31 USDT

  2. We recommend you to keep USDT balance in your Bitbns wallet before flash sale starts. This is important because the sale has a ‘first come first serve' format for the sale of BTC. Depositing or purchasing USDT at the time of sale may cause you to miss out on this golden opportunity.

Good luck grabbing the golden deal!