I. A withdrawal request will be initiated by the user *.

  • Go to wallet and click on “Withdraw”.
  • Choose the method as Bank Transfer using UPI/IMPS
  • Enter the amount according to the new deposit structure as specified below.
  • Enter the OTP from google authenticator app. If you have not enabled 2FA. Please read this guide to enable 2FA
  • Enter the UPI ID or bank details if not already updated.
  • Click on “NEXT” to initiate a request.

II. Our system will find the depositor who will fulfil withdrawal request.

a) There will be maximum of 15 peer per single withdrawal with each field corresponding to a unique depositor.

III. Once the deposit is done to your account, you will receive a notification over the email.

IV. Check the bank account statement to cross verify the amount and the peer who did the transaction using the transaction remarks

V. Go to Bitbns and confirm the appropriate transaction.